AutoCAD 2011 Tutorials

AutoCAD 2011 Tutorials

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The AutoCAD Interface and Basic Drawing/Editing Commands

Tutorial 01 – The Autocad interface, screen layout, ribbon, command line, accessing commands
Tutorial 02 – AutoCAD’s Cartesian Workspace, Drawing Lines.
Tutorial 03 – Erasing Lines and Erasing Lines with Crossing and Windows.
Tutorial 04 – Drawing Lines with Polar Tracking, Absolute coordinates, Relative coordinates, Relative Polar coordinates, Dynamic Input.
Tutorial 05 – Working with command line options, Specifically, the Rectangle.
Tutorial 06 – Drawing Circles.
Tutorial 07 – Viewing Your Drawing, Zoom Commands, Zoom Dynamic, Pan.


Making Your Drawings More Precise

Tutorial 08 – Using Object Snaps – Endpoint, Midpoint, Intersection, Perpendicular, Ortho.
Tutorial 09 – Using Object Snaps – Center, Quadrant, Tangent, Osnap Settings, None, Osnap Tracking.


Making Changes To Your Drawing

Tutorial 10 – Moving Objects, Copying Objects.
Tutorial 11 – Rotating Objects, Scaling Objects.
Tutorial 12 – Mirroring Objects, Stretching Objects.
Tutorial 13 – Editing Objects with Grips.
Tutorial 14 – What are Layers?, Layer States (On/Off, Freeze, Thaw).


Drawing Organization and Information

Tutorial 15 – More Layer Tools; Lock/Unlock, Layer Isolate, Merge Layers.
Tutorial 16 – Layer state manager, Line types, Working with Properties.


Creating More Complex Objects

Tutorial 17 – Trimming and Extending, Lengthen, Break.
Tutorial 18 – Creating Fillets, Chamfers, Offsetting Objects.
Tutorial 19 – Creating Arrays using the Rectangular Array and the Polar Array.
Tutorial 20 – What are Blocks? Inserting Blocks.
Tutorial 21 – Editing Blocks using Block Editor, Wblock, Inserting Blocks w/Design Center.
Tutorial 22 – Drawing Arcs, Drawing Ellipses.
Tutorial 23 – Drawing Polylines, Editing Polylines.
Tutorial 24 – Drawing Polygons, Boundaries, Wipeout, Revision Cloud.
Tutorial 25 – Drawing and Editing Hatches.


Drawing Layouts

Tutorial 26 – Paper Space vs. Model Space, About Layouts, Creating a New Layout, Set Layout To Proper Paper Printing Size.
Tutorial 27 – Multiple Layouts, Viewports, Layers in Viewports.
Tutorial 28 – Setting Drawing Units.


Annotating Your Drawing

Tutorial 29 – Introduction To Annotative Objects.
Tutorial 30 – Text and Text Styles, Single Line Text, Multi-Line Text.
Tutorial 31 – Dimensions and Dimension Styles.

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